Monday, April 26, 2010

Am I the only person worried about Incarna?

So I think I may be the only one afraid about Incarna, specifically the new features of having a full body avatar and walking in stations. Ok, well maybe not the only one, but judging by the anticipation on the forums, we're probably a minority.  Here's why.

One of the things I love most about EVE is there is a dark, raw anonymity to it. In EVE, you're known by your ship, your actions, and, if you choose, by your chat comments.  There's a certain mysteriousness and brutal elegance to it and, for me anyway, matches what life in space would probably be like... cold, ominous, dangerous.  I think that watching my character and others walking around a station would take away from that and erode the "cool" factor. (yes I did just use the 'c' word but you know what I mean).  I worry that the full body avatars would make things too cartoonish.  Heck, I don't even like the headshots we have as avatars now.  I think they look kind of silly, almost as if they belong to a different game.  If you've played Star Trek Online, you'll know what I'm talking about.  The ground combat and in-station look and feel are awful and look amateurish. 

I know it's still really early and we don't have a lot of information or screenshots to go by so I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for two reasons...

One, I know that CCP won't release anything they're not proud of or that takes away from the overall EVE experience, and...
Two, I'm sure that walking in stations will have a meaningful, and probably optional, role to the play in the game.

But... I'm still worried.  Your thoughts?

Friday, April 23, 2010


Welcome to the inaugural post of my blog!

First, a bit about me. I've been playing EVE on and off for a couple of years now. Been getting more into it lately. I'm Caldari, run missions, do a little mining, trade, and dabble in a little low-sec killing now and then. Unlike a lot of pilots in New Eden I'm not hardcore about any particular profession or line of work. Heck, it's all fun!

So what's this blog going to be about? I'm planning to share my experiences and thoughts about EVE, both about in-game activities and EVE in general. Hoping to stir up some conversation and opinions in the process. With some of the biggest changes coming to the game in the Tyrannis (planetary interaction) and Incarna (walking in-stations, full body avatars) expansions, there won't be a shortage of good and not so good things to talk about. Look for some opinionated posts on these once they come out.

Also, I took advantage of the special offer they were running on all the EON back issues. If you haven't seen EON magazine yet, get it now! If you have even a passing interest in EVE you'll love this magazine. Interesting thing is I started back with issue #1 and I'm reading them in order. It's great reading about what the devs were planning all those years ago and to see what did/didn't make it into the game. I'll be sharing some of these nuggets in future posts.

Finally, you're probably wondering how I came up with the blog title. There's a level 1 or 2 courier mission where the item to be transported is... you guessed it... one unit of prop comic. I thought it was funny to see a lighter side to EVE in an otherwise dark and serious universe. Anyway, if come across this mission, let me know what agent grants it. I can't remember.

So that's it for post #1. Hope y'all come back for more.